This is the Umbrella body of all Catholic men and men’s Organizations founded for the promotion of active participation of all Catholic men so as to become daily followers of Christ.


  • Fully formed and evangelized men well integrated in the life and mission of the church.


  • To help men renew their minds and transform their hearts and lives for Christ. v
  • To facilitate, promote the participation and strengthen the formation of all men in the mission of the church at all levels.
  • To provide an enabling environment of engagement and foster development through different gifts for the promotion of all Catholic men as family, without political, tribal, ethnical and regional discrimination.
  • To substantially increase the number of catholic men who are devoted to Spiritual and evangelical aspects of human life. v
  • To fully establish men’s organization by restoring all things in Christ.
  • To promote self-sustainability in the local church. To coordinate all men’s lay organizations as an umbrella body.


-  To unite all Catholic Men To increase men’s participation in the life of the Church at Parish, Deanery and Diocesan levels.
- To help the members realize their full potential in life as Catholics.
- To coordinate all spiritual activities including celebration of Patron Saint’s feasts, Pilgrimages, Retreats, Recollections and others as directed by ZCCB.
- To promote religious programs suitable to its members. To disseminate the teaching of the Church to Catholic Men at Parish, Deanery and Diocesan levels.
- To inform and foster dialogue between Civic authorities and other organizations, on the stance of the Catholic Church on various issues that may undermine the teachings and the growth of the Church in Zambia.
- To promote relations with national and international organizations. To promote Family and Life values and issues of social justice.
- To promote the family as the domestic church.

Interim National Executive Committee Contact details.
 Interim National Secretary – Kasonde Zimba
Contact: 0971699436
Mathews Nyirenda 
Contact Number: 0971511444
Charles Mwamba 
Contact Number: 0977507757 
Vincent Mutale 
Contact Number: 0973372036 
Dr. Sydney Malama 
Contact Number: 0977525114

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