St. Anna Catholic Women’s Lay Organization


The organization can be traced back to the time of Pope Urban IV, who in 1378 encouraged the Catholic Women to emulate St. Anna in her fidelity to God and to her husband Joachim.  The organization is an association of Catholic Married Women, which was founded in Quebec, Canada, in May 1850 by Fr. K. Honorat, OMI.  By 1872, the first constitution was published with the approval of the Bishops of Canada. In 1934, Bishop Joseph Cyprian Buhomme, OMI, introduced the organization in Lesotho.  Bishop Heane and R. Abel of Gweru Diocese in Zimbabwe encouraged the organization to grow.  Initially it comprised of couples, but later on men started meeting on their own as St. Joachim Men Lay Organization. In Zambia, the organization was introduced by Zimbabweans (the Shonas) who came as refugees and settled in Lusaka, Mumbwa, Mungule, Keembe, Shibuyunji, Chongwe, Chinyunyu and Shakumbila.  They used to meet on their own, as the organization was looked upon as being for Zimbabweans only.


  • -The Spirituality of St. Anna members are drawn from the following biblical Chapters; 
  • “Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart” (Luke 2: 19). 
  • “If you lack wisdom, ask, God, who gives to all generously. But asks with faith, not doubting”. (James 1: 5-6). 
  • “Many came to believe in Jesus because of the word of the woman” (John 4: 39).


  • Mutual prayer and support so as to grow in holiness and wisdom and be humble and dignified like our Patroness St. Anna.
  • To be witnesses of our lives as good wives and mothers in families, communities and with our neighbors.
  • Help improve marriages and family life in our church and communities, as families are the basic cell of the Church.


Contact Details
National Chairperson: Mary Chinyimba Sinkamba 
Contact Number: 0977581686 
Secretary: Monde Muyambango 
Contact Number: 0977315070
Treasurer: Alice Musonda 
Contact Number: 0972543732

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Lusaka, Zambia.


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