Nazareth Lay Organization is an organization of obedient women striving to work for God in different ways by being shinning mirrors and an example in the neighborhood by showing good behavior and deeds in homes, caring for the poor and neglected people in our society, encouraging good tradition values in today’s society, and helping married couples that face difficulties in their married life.


  • In 1953 the Nazareth Lay Organization was established in Mufurila on the Copperbelt, Zambia by concerned priests i.e. Fathers Leo Fabbi, Alexander Richard, and Katongo John who by then was a Franciscan friar Brother. It was formed to help newly married Catholic women in dealing with married life issues and it was felt that such an Organization would build and strengthen young women in their married life. The name Nazareth was adopted for this Lay Organization of Catholic women to emulate the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Its Patron Saint being Elizabeth of Hungary, who was born in 1207 and got, married to Ludovick the King of Hungary. The Organization celebrates its Patron Saint on the 17th of November and we also celebrate the Holy family Feast that falls on the Sunday after Christmas.


  • To strengthen life and Christian faith in our homes because the family is the foundation of the church and society.
  • To help build Catholic families in the Spirit of the Holy family of Nazareth and St. Elizabeth of Hungary.
  • To identify issues and challenges that weaken family life in our society i.e economic poverty, moral decay, HIV/AIDS and its consequences.
  • To encourage good traditional values in today’s society.
  • To care for the poor and neglected people in our society.
  • To help in the initiation of young people and prepare them for marriage.
  • To counsel and help married couples that face difficulties in their married life.

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